Monday: Multi-Sports Club with MSP 3-4pm     F2, Y1, Y2                                                                                    No charge

Tuesday: Choir with Mrs Wells Year 1 and 2 – 3pm to 3.40pm                                                                             No charge

Wednesday: Stories and Games Club with Mrs Garrick – 3pm to 3:40pm      F2, Y1, Y2                        No charge

Thursday: Film Club with Miss Cobb 3pm to 4:40pm   F2, Y1, Y2 Autumn Term                                       £2.00 charge for snacks and drinks    

Spring and Summer Terms:  Film Club is replaced with Year 2 Superstars Club by invitation from Miss Cobb and Mrs Wells       No charge

Friday: Story Time Club with Miss Cobb and Mrs Wells 3:00-3:40pm            All welcome!               No charge