Hello! My name is Mr Armstrong and I work with the Y3 class at Christ Church Primary School. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful class who enjoy learning and caring for one another as much as they do!

In our lessons, firstly we make sure that we are respectful, then we switch on our ‘growth mindsets’ and approach every task with the belief that we can succeed! That is the foundation for everything that we do in our lessons and that means that our learning environment is a positive one and that we can have fun while we learn.

Having lived in Spain for eight years, I became a fluent Spanish speaker and love to incorporate language skills into daily activities, wherever possible!

Playing sport competitively throughout my childhood – and well into adulthood – shows that I have been, and still am, an active person. I now set myself challenges in the gym, waking up early every day to make sure I always have a goal to strive for; it’s a good routine to have!


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Y34 TOPIC MAT Spring 2022

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