The Health & Well-being Curriculum includes PHYSICAL EDUCATION, PSHE & RSHE.

Our Health & Well-being Subject Lead is Mr Lee Armstrong.

Please note our curriculum is being updated ready for September 2022.

Find out more about these subjects using the links below:

PE Progression.pdf


New PSHE / RSHE Scheme from April 2023

From April 2023 we are introducing the Jigsaw Scheme to deliver our PSHE and RSHE Curriculum. During the Summer Term we will be teaching two units from the scheme to help staff and pupils become familiar with the new resources. Please see the three documents below for additional information.

Introduction to Jigsaw PSHE April 2023

Jigsaw Parent Guide

Jigsaw Curriculum Snapshot Overview


The documents below relate to our old scheme and will be updated before September 2023 when we are more familiar with the Jigsaw scheme and supporting resources.

PSHE Progression – linked to scheme.pdf 


HEALTH EDUCATION Progression.pdf


Information for parents about statutory relationship education (RSHE):

Summary DfE Guidance Summary.pdf

RSHE DfE Guide for Parents.pdf

RSHE Links to the Wider Curriculum.pdf

Relationship Education Summary.pdf

Health Education Summary.pdf

RSHE Policy.pdf


School Curriculum:

PSHE+RSHE Whole School Overview.pdf

PHSE+RSHE Y12 Curriculum.pdf

PHSE+RSHE Y34 Curriculum.pdf

PHSE+RSHE Y56 Curriculum.pdf